Last Sunday morning, there was a party at the mothers to be paddock. All were in one corner and there was Echoe (not an echoe but Echoe, the alpaca) expressing herself on the lack of space the others were giving her. Knowing that she and another alpaca were seventeen days past due….We run to see what was happening. When we arrive, with Patricia, at this non authorized manifestation, the reason was pretty clear: Under her tail there was a black head and 2 legs moving out. Echoe has always been the fastest delivery girl and after less than five minutes her cria 2015 was on the ground and she was trying to make some space between the others and her baby. Patricia took the baby and Echoe follow, to the pasture in front of our home.
It is at this moment that I thought “well done Echoe so what’s happening with Champagne (the alpaca). Funny enough, under her tail, there was also a head and two legs, beige, this time. Interestingly enough, they had been bred the same day, Echoe with CCNF Golden Sambac and Champagne with Xanadu P. Coleridge. It took 30mn and some help for Champagne to deliver her cria but everything went fine.
Shalimar Dom Perignon, Champagne cria was born 18Lb but a bit lazy to stand and not interested to drink from his nervous mother. Shalimar Varvatos, the son of Echoe was up after 5mn and drinking from mom 10mn later. His birth weight 17Lb and after 24hours he grew one pound and half! He is clearly black and is one of those