Olivier and Patricia and their two daughters join a passion for fiber with a passion for breeding beautiful, high quality alpacas. They started their alpaca farm in the Hudson Valley with a search for what to do with their six acres of land in upstate New York. The beauty of alpacas and the luxurious fiber they produced presented an ideal business opportunity for the Gillotins, building on their skill and experience with textiles. As both Olivier and Patricia come to the alpaca business with a strong professional connection to the textile and fashion industries.
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Our love of alpacas originated in Patricia’s passion for weaving and knitting. Alpacas produce a hyper-fine wool product that is warmer and stronger than cashmere, and often softer! As a breeding business, we strive to perfect these exceptional fiber qualities in each new cria born on our farm. Read More

Shalimar Alpacas offers drive-by breedings to any one of our herdsires. We ask that the female be spit tested, if at all possible, prior to coming. This will help in saving you time and money. If spit testing cannot be done prior to appointment, we will try a breeding if she is receptive and if not, we can establish another time or possibly board her until we obtain a good breeding.

All drive-by breedings are 50% down at the time of breeding and the balance is due within 45 days of breeding. Confirmation of pregnancy is ascertained by spit testing 14 days after breeding, progesterone blood testing 21 days after breeding, or ultrasound performed by a trained ultrasonographer. The owner of the female is responsible for establishing the pregnancy confirmation. If the breeding was not successful, no additional payment is due until the female is rebred and has a positive result.

Shalimar Alpacas stands behind all of our proven herdsires. Shalimar Alpacas offers a 14-day live birth guarantee with all bred females and breeding services to your female. If the breeding is not successful or if the cria expires within 14 days of birth, we will offer another breeding at no additional cost and will continue to work with you until there is a successful breeding with a viable cria. Should there be a loss of a pregnancy twice, it is required to have the female checked out by a veterinarian knowledgeable about alpacas to ascertain whether the female is able to carry to term. At this time, you may choose to breed to another one of your females at no additional cost.

Incoming female requirements:

Veterinary Health Certificate
Copy of ARI
Fecal Exams
BVD negative test results

Why Shalimar

The Gillotins – Patricia & Olivier

  • Professional Fiber Expertise
  • Exacting Quality Commitment
  • Exceptional Bloodlines
  • Ongoing Support
  • Unparalleled Mentoring

Patricia tends to the alpacas during the week and Olivier assists on the weekends. With her alpaca chores complete, she goes to her studio/shop to weave and create unique articles of clothing using our exquisitely soft alpaca yarn. Patricia studied textile design in Columbia and Mexico. A skilled professional weaver for over 20 years in South America, Switzerland, France, and the U.S., she is known for highly sophisticated alpaca fiber fashions. Additionally, Patricia teaches weaving and fiber arts classes to students of all levels. Come to Shalimar and learn from the best!

Olivier, a creative perfumer by profession for over 30 years, has created perfumes for companies such as Elizabeth Arden, Dior, Elisabeth Taylor, and Estee Lauder. His work has kept him close to the international fashion scene. Although Olivier and his father have not worked directly involved in the textile industry, the Gillotin family has been involved in the industry for centuries. This combination of skill and family history lends itself perfectly to raising quality alpacas and helping others appreciate the high fashion potential of alpaca fiber.