Not speaking about the delicious Mexican breakfast but about the eggs from our farm or more exactly, what we do with them.
Since last year, we have twenty seven egg layers and two roosters. Those guys (the roosters)are in survival mods because, even if we like the sound, they are pretty aggressive with us. It will be a nice to see them cooked with wine, on our plates.
For the hens, the story is quite different. After a slow start at the end of last year, they started to lay eggs in January and did increase nicely their production. What to do with all those eggs was pretty easy: I work in Manhattan where the majority of my colleagues live. So I did propose them to bring fresh eggs every day, sold by the dozen. The fact that those eggs are green, blue, dark brown or light brown with dark spot was a good way to bring those people to try them Then, as some of you knows, the test of farm, free range eggs with plenty of orchard grass to eat make the difference. The texture is different, the yolks are more dark orange than yellow and the test…Well, it test like eggs. Now it is first ask first serve and the eggs are gone every morning in less than one hour. With this money we pay their feed, the money spend to buy them and we still keep few eggs for us. Not a bad deal.